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About our services

We offer a full loading/discharging supervision, including cleanliness, initial and final draft surveys, tally, constant supervision, regular sampling, daily reporting and a final survey report. We also perform on/off-hire and bunker surveys, inspections of cargo loading/discharging to/from r-cars, warehouse inspection, sampling, dispatch of samples to certified laboratories for chemical analysis and issuance of relevant documentation (weight/quality certificates, reports etc….).

Focus on holds inspection

It is always wise to have the hold checked thoroughly before the product is loaded. After all this is where your commodity will stay for some time (weeks even) so you want to make sure that it is clean and suitable to stock your cargo during the voyage.

There can be contamination hiding in plain sight (like rust flakes on the side of the hold, remnants of previous goods stuck in corners, etc…) but also in the closing system of the hatches which can contaminate and discolor your merchandise.

Some contaminants can also have an impact on the quality of the loaded product itself lowering its value and potentially making it unfit for the initial intended use. Checking the list of previously transported commodities is also paramount to ensure the loaded cargo is not at risk. Masters often clean or even paint sometimes the hold before the loading so you want to be sure that everything is dry.

This part of the inspection will ensure that your product will not get no contamination from the holds and not loose thereof its value (merchant and physical value for the intended use). Depending on the port of destination a contaminated product poses a lot challenges in regard of segregation/screening/additional  logistic.

In short we make sure that the carrier’s condition is suitable for transporting your cargo.

Draft survey

Another essential part of  inspection – this is a means used for ascertaining the quantity of goods loaded or discharged from the vessel. Often used as the base for the B/L weight at loading it is also a good tool to challenge a weighing scale result either at loadport or disport.

Some inconsistencies with the vessel and her documents can be only unveiled during the draft survey – which can help holding the ship responsible in case of weight disparity.

This is the way to be make sure the shipped / received quantity is on par with the contract order. It can be used to challenge outturn scale result but also to make sure that you are protected and have data to go against weight claim from any parties (vessel and dead freight, receivers and shortages, suppliers sending less product that intended,…)

Constant supervision

The best way to make sure your merchandise is handled safely and soundly in the best way possible. In case of discrepancy in the product you need someone acting as your eyes and ears on the spot protecting your interests and keeping you advised immediately. A fast reaction/notification save time and money in the long run.

This is the way of making sure your product is shipped as per contract’s specifications.

Transshipment to barges (board-to-board or from the stock)

The same situations that may arise during the loading of a sea vessel also apply for barges or coasters. Problem with barges loaded with lumps or impurities in the cargo is that they can get refused at disport upon opening of the hatches.

Which is why the presence of a surveyor during the transshipment is needed to take measures immediately by asking the removal of said impurities or sieving them out before loading if the terminal has the adequate equipment.

If the loading take place from the stock it is always a good idea to have a look at the pile before the operations so if some steps are needed they can be put in place immediately before the loading.

Scope of our services

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