On-Off hire/ Bunker surveys


Bunker Measurement:

- Measure and verify the quantity of bunkers (fuel) on board.

- Check the quality of the bunkers, including density and temperature.

Bunker Sampling:

- Collect representative samples of the bunkers for testing.

Documentation Check:

- Verify bunker delivery documents and reconcile them with the measured quantities.

Tank Inspection:

- Inspect bunker storage tanks to ensure they are in suitable condition.

Bunker Survey Report:

- Prepare a comprehensive bunker survey report detailing the quantity, quality, and condition of the bunkers.

On-hire and off-hire surveys are typically conducted by marine surveyors, while bunker surveys are often performed by independent surveyors or specialized bunker survey companies. These surveys play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to contractual agreements between charterers and vessel owners.

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