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Our team is a synergistic blend of diverse talents, working collaboratively to achieve common goals in maritime inspections. Our dedication, innovation, and seamless communication foster a dynamic and productive customer relationship. Together, we form the backbone of our success, driving excellence in every endeavor.


Johan Caus

CEO 475 28 05 55

Maxime Caus

General Manager 478 27 51 49

Gilles Vandenheede

Commercial Manager 471 83 22 98

Emily De Keyzer

Operations Manager 470 51 56 22

Maxine Rottiers

Operations Manager 470 63 89 30

Valerii Khvalygin

Senior Surveyor 50 966 996

Igor Moroz

Senior Surveyor 50 966 996

Werner Van Hollebeke

Leading Surveyor 475 43 06 66

Our Global Network: A Source of Strength

Our global network of colleagues is not just a source of support; it is a source of strength. It is the collective power of these individuals that allows us to deliver exceptional results, adapt to change, and pursue our vision of excellence.

We are deeply grateful for the contributions of our global network of colleagues. Their expertise, dedication, and shared passion are integral to our success. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will always cherish the spirit of collaboration that connects us across borders and disciplines.


A professional and experienced team

As a team of professional surveyors and experienced staff we are committed to serving our Principals needs and protecting their interests. ISG is specialized in inspection of all types of fertilizers (in bulk, bags, containers, liquids,…); grains; sulfur; coals; steel scraps; minerals,…. Good knowledge of the inspected commodity is the key factor of our high quality surveys.

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